Oh, Now You Want Juan

So I’m going to be attempting to do a baseball blog. Other sports might infiltrate from time to time, but my love of the Cardinals will hopefully keep this going.

When is Juan coming back? The Cardinals offense is just pitiful so far this year, much like that of my fantasy baseball team (wait, I think the Cards are better…). They’ve been struggling to win, and haven’t won a low scoring game yet (hadn’t won while allowing 2 runs or less until Friday). This has many, many of my Cardinal fan brethren clamoring for the return of Juan Encarnacion who begins his rehab assignments very, very soon.

Is Juan Encarnacion the answer? Is the man, that many a Cardinals fan moaned and complained about in 2006, the answer to everyone’s prayers? Probably not. Encarnacion is a solid player, and he pretty much carried the Cardinals offense through the Pujols-less stretch last season. There is a good possibility that he could be the guy once he returns. He’ll definitely be an improvement over Preston Wilson out there.

Don’t get me wrong, I was someone who advocated the re-signing of Preston Wilson over the winter, but he is much better coming off the bench than being an everyday player. The fact that he is a strikeout machine doesn’t help much either when you are trying to get better.

Encarnacion has never been an outstanding player, and he’s very correctly charged with being a bit lazy on defense. However, with Encarnacion you know exactly what you’ll get every year with him. You get a player who will hit 15-20 homers, bat around .280. You get consistent performance. That’s what the Cardinals need, some consistency. Wait, no. They need to get consistently better.

Scott Rolen goes 5-for-6. How about my boy Scott taking it to the Cubs on Sunday night. What a sweet performance for him. Hopefully this signals that he’s ready to return to the player he was in 2004, but I’ll settle for last year’s performance too.


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