First Bulls Game of 2007

Mother nature did not interfere tonight as I finally got a chance to attend my first Durham Bulls game of the season. Great weather for baseball today too, it’s just disappointing that the Bulls decided to take the night off for the first 8 innings. They lost 12-6 to Columbus in regulation. It got so bad that C Josh Johnson pitched the top of the 9th for Durham. Given the way he pitched, why couldn’t he have started? In one inning he allowed two hits (one down the left field line, the other an infield hit to the short stop) and struck out one guy swinging.

Former Tampa Bay Ray Seth McClung also pitched. He was bringing the heat too. He was good if you take away the 3 run jack he allowed Manny Alexander over the "Blue Monster."

The Bulls tried to rally in the bottom of the 9th for all maybe 150-200 fans in the ballpark at that point. They managed to plate three runs before a long fly ball to deep center field was caught for out #3. Just a few yards short of a home run.

The Bulls illustrated the name of my MLBlog tonight, they were trying. I’m debating about going tomorrow afternoon to the game. We’ll see.

Oh, and fun to see that Gary Gaetti is now a coach for the Bulls.


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