It’s been awhile

It has been awhile. I’ve been traveling around, visiting some friends. Finally get a chance to sit home and enjoy some Cardinals baseball. Listening to the current game as I type, and (don’t tell anyone, but) the Cardinals are leading.

The biggest thing I’ve read lately is the potential rumor of Scott Rolen being traded to the Dodgers. Personally, that has me intrigued as to who the Dodgers would give us for a guy that’s batting .210 and has seemingly lost his power threat. It might be a good move, but I thought Rolen had a no-trade clause, and seeing as he seems to enjoy playing so close to home, I don’t know if he’d waive it. Plus, suddenly my Scott Rolen Cardinals jersey would be out of date. So they can’t trade him!

The Cardinals offense seems to be turning it around these days too, now if only we could keep the other team from scoring so many runs, maybe we’d be higher than last place. Albert Pujols is starting to turn it around. The Cardinals team still has tons of potential offense if certain players *cough* Rolen *cough* Edmonds *cough* start getting back to their usual performance this team can take the Central and get back into the race, though I doubt we can keep up with Milwaukee.

The Cards are in a tough spot as a team though, we’ve got veterans who may or may not be able to rebound and we’ve got a few above average guys in the minor leagues who aren’t ready to play yet. With an owner who seems to delight in profits rather than a winning team, I doubt we’ll go spend the money to fill the gaps, so it could be a tough 2-3 years for Cardinals fans coming up. I really hope it’s not.

Ooh, we just tacked another run on. Let’s go Adam! Get the much needed fantasy performance for my last place team.


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