About play9

I’m 22 year old college student who has been
a major baseball fan since as long as I can remember. After
many years of not rooting for any particular team, I finally
decided to pin my heart and emotions to the longtime family
favorite St. Louis Cardinals, joining my dad, my uncle, and
my great uncle as the family fans in 2003. How hard core a
fan is my dad? One year (can’t recall at the moment if it was
82 or 87) Dad bought Mom a color television for her September
birthday so *they* could watch the Cardinals in the playoffs.
I don’t think he’s out of the doghouse for that one yet. My
favorite baseball moments of my life have been Mark McGwire’s
62nd homer in 1998 and Game 5 of the 2005 NLCS when Albert
Pujols took Brad Lidge’s career with him out of Minute Maid
Park that night. I’m an avid loser of Fantasy Baseball, now
in my fourth season of a keeper league, and have finished
11th of 12 teams all three previous seasons. Things were
looking up for me this season, as I have the best team of all
four years, but still last at the moment. Favorite players
are Scott Rolen, So Taguchi. Favorite former players include
Andy Benes, Satchel Paige, Bob Gibson, Stan Musial, and more.


baseball, nascar, and too much other